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Large pimples

Large pimples looks like small tumours is all over my chins my face is oil type i have used acnofight garnier men but no use the scars are everywhere and i have used acnolac-az bt that also no use.the larger pimples are under the skin for many days and looks very bad can you recommend […]

May 11 kumar
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Extreme flakiness and new eruptions after using retino a

Hi I have dry skin and am using retino a .025 once in 3 days with ahaglow facewash and rejuglow on the spots but only after 2-3 uses of retino a , I am experiencing extreme dryness and also got 2-3 new eruptions.. my skin is mildly acne prone.. now its gotten difficult for me […]

March 2 gurleen
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Sleep, Stress and Acne

Hey Guys! Being a 12th grader i’m faced with a lot of exams. So whenever exams are around I stay up the whole night/sleep for 2-3 hours and go under a lot of stress. I have observed that it causes many pimples to me. I get huge under the skin pimples which are REALLY painful. […]

January 21 Rahul Amlekar
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Need advice , my skin not flawless and few pimples

hi , Need advice , my skin not flawless and few pimples after every couple of days and left behind marks. My regime is morning sebamed foam face wash , Lotus 3-1 sunscreen , evening Kaya cleansing gel and Lotus 3-1 , night Glyco A Votes: 0 Answers: 2 Tags: flawless pimples Categories: Moisturizers / […]

November 18 rohit
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Spot treatment & which makeup foundation?

hi i just came across your website when i was looking for acne solution and subscribed to it immediately.. 🙂 my problem is dat i get blind pimples mostly in clustered form which are very painful and take a long time to go. so i wanted good spot treatment cream dat can hel p me […]

July 16 gressa


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