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Does evion clog pores?

Hi All, Does vitamin E extracted from evion clog pores? Does it make pitted scars look bigger? I m planning to use home made vitamin C serum as in should I only use vitamin c powder or include evion as well. Please suggest Votes: 0 Answers: 5 Tags: evion pitted scars pores Categories: Dark […]

February 26 saana
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Anyone experienced success with yugard cream for pitted scars?

I’m back! So using kojivit on ark marks is helping a lot! (another fab product discovered on this site!) read many discussions on yugard. want (read itching) to try yugard for my pimple holes. How good is yugard in collagen production? Anyone used it for pitted scars? Or, what can I do to treat pitted […]

December 16 akshaykshardul
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Help with small Holes /pores on my face?

Hey guys acnemantra team you just rock!!! You are awesome so helpful and so correct on ur advice guys i want ur help i had a acne brkout last month ,i cleared my acne by persol ac 2.5 and my scars are almost less visible by glycol 6 cream ,i am having small holes/ pores […]

August 29 rakesh579


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