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What is the mechanism for "healing" a pus filled pimple?

Hey everyone! I have seen that under the skin bumps do get dissolved and heal properly if handled with care, but however much i try my pus filled pimple breaks…when its “ready” even on washing face it breaks… i have never had a pus filled pimple healing without breaking…. What has been your experience? Has […]

March 25 nimi
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Open large pores and pus filled whiteheaded acne along with acne scars and pits......

I was just looking for the acne products online when i came to know about this website.I find it really helpful and informative specially one of the only one with so much info about acne prone skin. i have been facing acne problem for the last 10-12 years.I am 26 now.I have consulted quite a […]

February 23 Jayant


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