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Proactive Refining Mask broke me out

Hi AM , I am strictly following the starter regimen and I was very happy by this. Morning: sebamed- suncote Night : kaya cleansing gel – triacneal – kaya Skin Clinic Pigmentation Reducer on spots.My skin was reacting well, no blackhead only very small skin colored bumps on forehead.but on third week I apply proactiv […]

October 5 Priyan
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Treatment for cystic acne / red bumps?

Hi AM, I’m 29 yrs old with oily skin & have the problem of cystic acne(red bumps). These pimples started @age of 14, I suppose, but have decreased over time. I have been following the AM’s acne regimen for a month. The condition have improved a lot. But the red bumps which I think are […]

September 11 SK


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