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Hyperpigmentation regimen for my Mom

Hello everyone, this time I am here for my Mom! She is 40, APST 2 and normal skin type (somewhat dry in winters near cheek region, temple is oily though!) She is facing hyperpigmentation (may be age spots) and blackheads on nose and surrounding area from last one month. For last 10 days, she’s being […]

January 8 akshaykshardul
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Need your opinion on my list :)

Dear @acnemantra , @rajeev,@akshaykshardul,@silpa-abhilash,@LD, @ssureshbabu68, @priyankam87, @anuja and all, Being proud member of this community for more than 8-9 months i read most of the post, questions, comments on this site.  God if i read this much in my engineering i would be a more better engineer today 😛 I am travelling to India this […]

November 19 ashu6074
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Please chalk out a regimen for me from these products

Hello everyone! I am new to this site! 😛 (This line was for AM, as she definitely answers questions containing this line. 😆 Sorry @acnemantra !!!) Please chalk out a regimen from these products for me: (when to use what-more importantly night part) Sebamed (using from a month (I guess) in morning) Lotus Herbals SPF […]

November 16 akshaykshardul
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Question related to Daily Regimen and CPP.

Hi Acnemantra, Teju and Friends, I am thinking to start below regimen from next week. It is a combination of daily regimen and cpp. Please let me know your thought on it.   Day 1 (Monday) Morning – Wash face with Neutrogena Foaming Cleanser, apply Aloe Vera Gel (for sunburn marks), apply Lotus 3 in […]

September 28 ashu6074


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