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sebamed face wash leaves my skin oily.. any suggestions?

Hi all I hv been using sebamed face wash for almost 3 weeks now and i really like it.. The thing is as i was on isotroin before i did not feel much oil on my face.. But now since i am no more on isotroin I can feel my face oily right after using […]

September 11 nimi
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Triacneal/ahalglow/Starter regimen

Hi AM and Teju, In the started regimen, it is mentioned to use kaya soothing gel  face wash with triacneal during night time. I have a question what the other face washes we can use in place of kaya soothing gel during night time with triacneal. I am already using sebamed in morning and want […]

August 20 ashu6074
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How is Sebamed Cleansing Foam?

Hi, is sebamed good for oily skin apart from acne prone skin. Any member who hav or using sebamed foam can they review it as how it worked on them? Votes: 0 Answers: 34 Tags: face wash Sebamed Categories: Cleansers / Face Wash August 12 Ajazz

August 12 Ajazz
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Sebamed Clear Face Cleansing Foam

Hi AM, Tejupriya, I started using sebamed clear face cleansing foam and i am loving it. It is one of the best face wash i ever used in my life.. Thank you so much because i came to know about this product because of you gals only. Take Care, Ashu Votes: 0 Answers: 4 Tags: […]

July 31 ashu6074
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Is Assure Natural Glow (face pack) non comedogenic?

Hi..firstly  i  want  to  congratulate  all  associated  with  Acnemantra. Our  community  is  really   doing  an  excellent  job  to  fight  acne.Now  coming  to  my  queries, i  use  sebamed  clear  face  cleansing  foam  twice  and  AHA  Glow  once  for  my  oily  and  acne  prone  skin. I  recently  read  in  one  of  your  comments  that  AHA  leaves  a  […]

June 7 Kinki
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Lacto Calamine face wash before Sebamed Cleansing Foam?

After removing make up with Johnson’s Baby oil,a  large  amount  of  Sebamed  Clear  Face  Cleansing  Foam  is  required  to  apply  liberally  all  over  the  face.I  also  feel  that  the  face  is  not  cleansed  properly.So  before  applying  Sebamed  can  i use  Lacto  Calamine  face  wash on my  oily  and acne  prone  skin?If  not  then  please  suggest  […]

April 27 AM


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