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Suggestion needed for effective/safe acne cream for Sensitive skin

Dear AM & Everyone, Hi again! I was suffering with skin colored bumps all over the face when using only Sebamed daily and AHA on every 2nd day + Metrogyl on the bumps on chin area. The skin colored bumps have reduce a bit as I’ve started using Zoray Aquagel (from 4 days) & kaya […]

January 8 Shabnam
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Acne cream / exfoliant for sensitive skin?

Hello World. Hope everyone’s doing fine. Well I have a question (as usual part of a problem not a solution. 🙁 ). Since many of you have been using products like Kernacyl/Triacneal/Sebonac which are non prescription treatment products, I just wanted to ask which one is more suitable for sensitive skin ? You know the […]

September 1 sumit
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Episoft or Clinsure or Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion?

hello is episoft or clinsure a bettr substitute for cetaphil? which obe is bettr?i Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Tags: face wash sensitive skin Categories: Cleansers / Face Wash August 26 nandu

August 26 nandu
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Remove redness from sensitive acne prone skin?

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August 20 anas
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Acne regimen for sensitive skin?

Hello AM. It’s me again. As you might be knowing (from my Shakesphere like narrated questions in my last thread) after the sudden breakout of mine, about one month back, I am trying to get things under control. Sometimes it feels like my acne is under control while sometimes it feels as if my entire […]

August 12 sumit


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