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Shampoo for hair

Is there a non comedogenic shampoo available in India? I think its important to use one that will not irritate the face or cause acne. Votes: 0 Answers: 9 Tags: Shampoo Categories: Miscellaneous January 24 PD

January 24 PD
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Gentle Anti-dandruff shampoo??

So, since 2 years my HG shampoo has been Loreal Professional Instant Clear shampoo. It kept my dandruff at bay and my acne relatively in check. It was a standard white formula, a strong basic clearing shampoo. Lately however the formula has been changed. “ZnPt + Citric Acid” is what it says. Its a light […]

October 6 Neha
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Shampoo for oily hair that will not cause acne?

Hi..I  have  oily  and  acne  prone  skin  with  oily  hair. Clarifying  shampoos  from  leading  brands  like  Paul  Mitchell  contain  comedogenic  ingredients  like  panthenol  and  wheat germ oil  amongst others. This  results  in  breakouts  on  forehead  and  sometimes  other  portions  like  the  back  get  affected  too.Can  you  please  recommend  shampoos  for  oily  hair  that  will  not  […]

May 20 Kinki


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