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Shaving with Aloe vera gel

Gents, Actually i was shaving with Sebamed Cleansing foam. But its winter time and more usage of face wash makes skin dry. So this week i did shaving with warm water and 100% aloe vera gel. It really felt good and no burning sensation after shaving. Also i got  a close shave. So just wandering […]

November 15 ashu6074
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Which face wash for shaving?

Hi AM, I have mild acne on my face. Currently I am using himalaya Neem foaming face wash for shaving and wash in the morning followed by lotus matte gel sunscreen Spf50. In the evening I am using keracnyl face wash twice (I don’t feel clean in one time) and followed by keracnyl skin regulating […]

September 21 Ritesh
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Non Comedogenic shaving Creams/Gels ... Finally ?

Hi Friends, Found some non comodegenic shaving creams/gels today.  Have a look. Votes: 0 Answers: 7 Tags: shaving Categories: Cleansers / Face Wash September 16 ashu6074

September 16 ashu6074
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A working shaving regimen for men thanks to Rajeev

Many guys have asked about acne-safe shaving creams. Alas, none is the answer if you look at the store shelves full of shaving foams and gels and creams loaded with comedogenic stuff. Some may still work, but most of them are a hit or miss.   @rajeev shared a shaving regimen which he has used […]

September 11 AM
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Shaving cream and after shave for acne prone skin?

Hello, What is the best cream or gel to apply for shaving ? and what is the best after shave ? Considering that I have acne oily prone skin.   Votes: 0 Answers: 2 Tags: men shaving Categories: Cleansers / Face Wash August 18 maxwell

August 18 maxwell
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Does Shaving causes acne or not

i have acne on both sides of my cheeks and my beard has grown at medium level so i was thinking is it good to shave in breakouts or not and does beard causes more acne Votes: 0 Answers: 8 Tags: acne beard shaving Categories: Acne Creams / Spot Treatments August 4 kripal-1911

August 4 kripal-1911


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