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Acne and Skin Lightning

Hello, I am a new comer to this site. This site looks wonderful. I am a male in my teens. I have APST-3. I am thinking of going forward with Keracynl Regime. I have region near my Nostrils where there are alwys 2-3 pimples and redness! Also the temple region also has many spots as […]

November 25 Rahul Amlekar
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First day of first week of starter regimen , my skin have become very very dry , can I use any moisurizer ?

Hi acnemantra, My skin is dry before starting  starter regime, and after using first day my skin become very very dry. When I clean my face with sebamed face wash, it become dry that I can’t even laugh feel so stretchy. what to do ? Votes: 0 Answers: 10 Tags: Skin Categories: Acne Creams / […]

September 18 Priyan


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