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Isotretinoin / Tufacne Log (Started Jan 2014)

I am a male who is facing acne issue for 9-10 years. Face + chest +back acne. My face acne has reduced considerably on its own. Only around jawline and near nose (T area) the active volcanoes are still there. I visited “The skin clinic” (Sujaya Hegde)  in Bangalore, Indiranagar. The doc told me to […]

February 18 back2normality
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My Derma visit with Dr. Sujaya Hegde in Bangalore

Hello AM, Tejupriya and all others.  Well finally I went to a dermatologist today. Her name is Dr. Sujaya Hegde and she is very renowned in Bangalore ( So here is my case and some details about her: Her office is in Indiaranagar stage 2 near the metro station. The building is a newly built […]

August 30 sumit
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Is Sotret Isotretinoin Gel 0.05% safe to use?

Hi, Firstly I would like to say, I found your site yesterday and I’ve been hooked, reading and reading. Great job on all the information and the truly helpful answers you provide. I read one of your articles about Sotret Isotretinoin (presuming you were talking about the tablets/capsules?) I have been using the gel(topical treatment) for […]

June 13 Ayesha D
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Acne came back after Sotret / Accutane plus hair fall

Wow what a site for all those guys/gals suffering from the clutches of acne !!!! I am a 22 yr old guy who has been suffering from severe acne for best part of 3 years now. I consulted a dermatologist in 2009 end  and he prescribed Sotret 20 for me. I was under medication for 5 months […]

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