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How to heal an open wound from a popped pimple?

I just read in the Starter Regimen that if a pimple has popped and there is an open wound, we have to only wash it with Sebamed Cleansing foam. No exfoliators like triacneal, keracnyl, etc should be used. Can we apply antibiotics like say faceclin, metrogyl, etc. to heal it? If not what should we […]

September 20 Nairita
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Tips on using the Starter Regimen?

Hello AM….:) I have started the satrter regimen 🙂 for first week i will only use the sebamed(morning) n kaya(evening) cleansers and in second week will add avene triacneal this ok?? is sunscreen important???as i stay indoors mostly, when travel i cover my face with dupatta.give me ur suggestions..Plz Lets hope for the best…Fingers […]

September 15 manjeet
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New pimples with Starter Regimen?

hi acnemantara, im roxy 22 years old gal whoz suffering from acne disasterous from 2 years ago .. it just happend outta sudden , before that i always had glowing skin which didnt need to worry abt even in teenage days …. i went through chemical peels 2 years back and got pretty good result […]

September 10 roxy zandi
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Satisfied with Starter Regimen

Hi tejapriya and am…how u guys doing? i’m just stepping to week 2 in starter regimen.i do find noticeable difference in my skin 🙂 finally after many years i’m happy that to find a product is working for my acne skin. many many thanks to Early morning when i can up and see in […]

September 7 ramghkrish
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Redness in 1st week of Starter Regimen?

I have started following starter regimen and I am in the 1st week . I am using sebamed foaming face  wash twice a day and triacneal at night. On 2nd day , there was stinging on my cheeks  i applied sebamed clear gel and on 4th day i have red patches on my cheeks.Please help something went […]

September 6 sweety
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Pimple coming break out what to do?

hi ,i am 26 m and using starter regimn,, morning-sabamed face fash then suncote night – wash face with fash foam cleanser [beacause my skin is very oily] then ducray keracnyl cream its my second week, first i have 4 pimples but after 1 week i have many pimples loke breaking out..i bought kaya pigment […]

September 6 jassi0302


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