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2 new non-comedogenic-looking sunscreens

Hi guys, Two new sunscreens among others added to the reviews section with full info seem particularly acne-safe. Living Proof Ultra Mild UV White Moisturiser SPF 20 and Nivea Sun Light Feeling Daily Face Sun Fluid SPF 50+ I’ve not used these products, I came across them while searching for more options for us all. […]

April 10 AM
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Broad Spectrum Sunscreen-Zoray Aquagel SPF 30

Hey folks,   Please advise if Zoray Aquagel SPF 30 is a broad spectrum sunscreen, does it protect against UVA rays too? I am planning to buy it but the package does not show any PA+++ ratings for UVA protection. Thanks. Votes: 0 Answers: 2 Tags: sunscreen zoray aquagel Categories: Moisturizers / Sunscreens April 1 shruti […]

April 1 shruti soumya
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Medicated Sunscreens

Hey @acnemantra I discovered this web site, here they have tab for Medicated Sunscreens and it has 10 medicated sunscreens they all have common ingredient or as mentiond there “Generic Name – OCTINOXATE + AVOBENZONE + OXYBENZONE + ZINC OXIDE” 1. What make them different from each other ? 2. What is the Difference between Sunscreen […]

February 12 Fahad
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Suggestion on the Sunscreen which I can use as a moisturizer as well

Hi Acnemantra! I was on the verge of becoming a pimple volcano and I bumped into this site while I was looking for a review for sebamed which I saw in a pharmacy and now I am spared! Thanks will be too small a word to tell you all 🙂 I had a combination skin from […]

February 11 SandyTheCat
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Exploring new gel sunscreens, anyone used these?

Hi folks, We currently have non-shiny alternatives to Suncote – Sunprotek Gel, Zoray Aquagel and Sebamed Sun Care Spray. But these are not easily available. So I’m exploring some more gel formulas so people can have more acne-safe options. If you have used any of these sunscreens, please do share your experiences with them. Ekran […]

January 30 AM
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Sunprotek 30+/50+ Gel reviews

Hi, Has anyone used Sunprotek 30+/50+ Gel or the Sunprotek 30+ lotion. Which one is better? Has anyone checked the ingredients if they are non comedogenic? I checked in a handful of stores in Bangalore and couldn’t find them.   Votes: 0 Answers: 6 Tags: Sunprotek sunscreen Categories: Moisturizers / Sunscreens January 23 PD

January 23 PD


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