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Sticky and oily sunscreens

Heyy AM and Teju, as suggested, i used suncote and lotus 3 in 1 matte look spf 40 sunscreens. Lotus is good , it gives a matte look but after an hr , it starts to make face oily and even dark. i don’t know why it is happening because you  told me it will […]

July 20 rahul
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How to avoid stickiness from Suncote sunscreen?

hey i just started using suncote sunscreen but it makes my face very oily and shiny.what can i do to avoid that   Votes: 0 Answers: 8 Tags: Suncote sunscreen Categories: Moisturizers / Sunscreens July 19 tyson

July 19 tyson
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How are Banana Sport and Sunban Forte sunscreens?

Hi AM, Teju and Friends, I have a question about sunscreen. I am having two suncreens right now. 1) Banana Sport – 2) Sunban Forte cream (recommended to me by my dermatologist) – When i am using sunban forte cream then the white cast and sticky ness remains on my face.   Regarding banana sport suncreen, […]

July 11 ashu6074
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Oily shine on face due to sunscreen

Hi guys..ultimately it seems Melascreen is d  sunscreen which is suiting to my potentially acne prone  and  super sensitive skin. Lot of  thanks to ur sunscreen link.but now my problem is I am seeing a oily shine  over my face after application of sunscreen.Is it Ok sign or it may cause b breakouts? currently my […]

July 11 nam
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Need oil to remove sunscreen (Suncote)?

hi, i hav gone thru almost all community post n i hav got a query related to sunscreen espicially suncote as im using. Is it necessary to remove d sunscreen( even suncote) wid johnsons baby oil?? Votes: 0 Answers: 3 Tags: sunscreen Categories: Moisturizers / Sunscreens July 9 Ajazz

July 9 Ajazz
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Is a sunscreen necessary at home?

AS I don’t go out in the direct sun often I don’t use sunscreens.The sunscreens that you have mentioned in the site are very pricy and all though I have bought Lotus Herbal’s Matte Gel but it is only 50gm for 225 rs and applying it in large quantity every 2hour through out the day […]

June 28 Shubham Bhunia


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