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Clearing the skin

Hello guys! First of all a big THANK YOU to all of you for being the wonderful and helpful people you are! I am starting this thread since the previous one “Acne and Skin lightening” was getting too long. I have a few updates. AHAglow has been great. But i have seen that it has […]

January 3 Rahul Amlekar
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Can i use lotus 3-in-1 matte sunscreen as body sunscreen. sebonac for body acne?

Q. 1 I have some mild dots in my neck area. Also, have some small, dot like pimples on upper side of arms, upper side of chest, beneath neck area. Can i apply a THIN LAYER OF SEBONAC over these ares? Q.2 When i was using LOTUS 3-IN-1, i had got a big bump (i […]

December 29 nerd
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Website to buy Sunprotek Gel online? :( :'(

Some one, if finds ANY website which sells SUNPROTEK GELs, then plz tell me here. :'( Y these sunscreens are not easily available? :/ Huh! Votes: 0 Answers: 12 Tags: sunscreen Categories: Moisturizers / Sunscreens December 24 nerd

December 24 nerd
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Shoul I use sunscreen even if am at home most of the time?

hi AM and others, i used to be outdoors a lot but now i have taken a short break from work,after delivery of my son. And i wil be at home for 1more year.Do i still have to use a sunscreen?The products that am using are Glomed facewash,Topical isotretinoin gel (during the nite)and kojivit gel.(during […]

December 19 kriya
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Torrent Pharma Sunprotect SPF 26 is non-comedogenic?

Hello i suddenly got outburst of acne on my chin and cheeks few weeks back i changed my sunscreen to sunprotect from torrent pharma …it says non comodogenic but it doesnt luk lik d one keepcalm had shown in the pic and the price is 225 …i visited doctor for my acne he prescribed me […]

December 13 nandu
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Got Sunprotek Gel SPF 50

so finally i find sunprotek gel with spf 50 .its costly than suncote .and half the weight..its 50 gm and print price is 488 but i got it for 450..yesterday i used it as claim its not sticky like suncote and it moisturize my skin very welll no strechy feeling no dryness.i am not recommending […]

December 12 jassi0302


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