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Zinc post updated to show brands clearly

Hiyo folks, those of us who are considering supplementing with zinc but are confused about options, price, availability etc. can now see it all in an easy to read table format in the updated zinc post. Votes: 0 Answers: 0 Tags: supplements zinc Categories: Doctors / Medical Treatment April 4 AM

April 4 AM
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Considering Supplement of Vit C

Hello everyone! 😀 This time I am considering adding some supplement for Vit C (internally is better than applying on skin, isn’t it?) So these are the two I am considering. Amway’s Vitamin C Supplement. (Vit C 250 mg per serving) Amway Daily tablets with multi vitamins and multi minerals (Vit A, C, B1, ….., and Minerals […]

December 1 akshaykshardul
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Baidyanath rakta shodhak breaking me out

Hi AM, i had followed ur triacneal regime n it was working fine for me but i was not making my skin dry as written in ur articles. But my acne was under control and only concern was oiliness. After reading the benefits of rakta shodhak, i jumped into that. but it had badly worsen […]

October 30 kamini
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Himalaya Liv-52 and Triphala tablets anyone?

Hi Friends/Amigos, Has anybody taken Himalaya liv-52 and Himalaya Triphala… Could you please share your experiences with it. Thanks, Ashu Votes: 0 Answers: 16 Tags: herbal supplements Categories: Doctors / Medical Treatment October 9 ashu6074

October 9 ashu6074


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