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Safe Tan removal cream?

Http:// Guys , is this Nature`s Essence Tan removal cream safe for acne prone skin ? The complete list of ingredients are not given and yet people claim it works. My head says NO. but I love searching up tan removal products anyway 😛 Long hours of swimming during childhood and teens had left me […]

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My face is so much lighter than my body!

And I’ve been so good about sunscreens, too!   I am now investing in that Vaseline healthy white business, and I suppose I shall look into some tan removal home remedies.   I am just posting to complain, really. I didn’t realise until someone took a picture today. I looked like I was wearing the […]

November 27 rohini
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Remove skin tanning / discoloration?

Sir, I am a 28 year old man.As usually play outdoor games in sun during my face and exposed part of skin is fully tanned by sun and discoloration occurred and my skin darkened ,as i didn’t use any sunscreen lotions then.Please tell me ways to remove discoloration /tanning present in my face and how […]

September 29 ashwin
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Remove tan from face?

What are the best ways to remove sun tan from face ? Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Tags: tan removal Categories: Dark Spots / Scars September 26 angel

September 26 angel
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Tan removal from neck and arms?

Have severely tanned neck and arms and to a certain extent my face How do i get rid of the tan? I’ve a oily skin and prone to breakouts Votes: 0 Answers: 15 Tags: tan removal Categories: Dark Spots / Scars September 20 Akshay

September 20 Akshay
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Tan Removal or Skin Lightening mask immediately after sun exposure?

Hi Am, Is there any tan removal mask, gel or visible skin lightening cream or mask that one can use immediately after sun exposure. I’ve observed that no matter how much I dole up on the sunscreen and take precautions, I do get tanned even in the early hours of the morning (7.30 to 8.30) […]

August 27 LD


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