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My face is so much lighter than my body!

And I’ve been so good about sunscreens, too!   I am now investing in that Vaseline healthy white business, and I suppose I shall look into some tan removal home remedies.   I am just posting to complain, really. I didn’t realise until someone took a picture today. I looked like I was wearing the […]

November 27 rohini
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BIODERMA SPOT SPF 50 Sunscreen - 5 stars!! It delivers!!

Hi all, just wanted to update everyone on the Bioderma Spot Spf 50 Sunscreen that I’ve been using for the past one week. Someone here wanted a review on that but unable to find that question link.  I have been using this for the past one week & it is absolutely wonderful in terms of […]

September 10 LD


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