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How to use toner??

Hi all I am thinking of adding a toner in regimen as i have read many times that we should use it after washing face to close the pores..but have various questions..would be great if you can help.. 1) Do we really need toner?? 2) If we really need, then how should we use it?? […]

April 21 shafaligarg
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Alcohol-free exfoliating toner?

I came across acne mantra searching for a product and i must say you are doing a great job. I was looking for a exfoliating toner containing AHA/BHA . I am aware of clinique clarifying lotion but it contains alcohol and I am looking for a alcohol free version. Also a Salicylic acid based face […]

December 22 Abby3
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Best toner for oily acne prone skin?

Which Toners is best for oily acne prone skin ? Votes: 0 Answers: 2 Tags: toner Categories: Cleansers / Face Wash October 21 amitnashu

October 21 amitnashu
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Glyco 6 and AHAglow at same time, and a toner?

I don’t have pimple but have dark/brown pimple marks and holes. I am planning to use Glyco 6 cream as directed on this site ( starting with alternate days and then increasing the frequency). And also planning to use AHAglow face wash too along with it? I mean both are the exfoliators, will it harm […]

August 27 akshaykshardul
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Homemade cucumber and mint toner

Cucumber is known for cooling the skin. So i know cucumber is good . but will the mint irritate sensitive skin?  like cause redness or itchiness? Votes: 0 Answers: 3 Tags: toner July 17 Anika H.

July 17 Anika H.
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How is Himalaya Refreshing & Clarifying Toner?

himlaya Refreshing & Clarifying Toner is good for acne prone skin or bad ??? Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Tags: toner Categories: Moisturizers / Sunscreens July 9 ansal

July 9 ansal


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