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Night cream with isotretinoin gel?

hello AM, i am a constant reader of this wonderful blog. even though i didn’t find almost any of the products mentioned in this site in my country ,still it has helped me understand and make the right choice for my skin. now i am following a regimen i myself have made and thankfully my […]

June 29 Anika H.
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Votre Acne Clearing Mousse for oily acne prone skin?

I  currently use  Sebamed  facewash  and  gel for  my  oily  and  acnegenic  skin.I also  use  AHA  Glow  as  spot  treatment.Should  i  use  Votre  Pore  Shrinking toner, Votre  Acne  Clearing  Mousse and  Votre  Moisturizing  Day  Gel  with  SPF  25?Please  chalk  out  a  routine and  thanks  for  the  wonderful  initiative  to  help  all  those  suffering  from  acne.  […]

May 1 Kinki
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Best toner for oily skin?

Which is the best toner suitable for acne prone skin in India? Which is the best toner or astringent for oily skin? Which is the best alcohol-free toner for sensitive skin in India? Is rose water a good toner for oily /combination skin? Which toner will help to reduce pore size? Votes: 0 Answers: 25 […]

April 3 AM


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