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Nicotinamide Based Products

Hi guys! Please share the nicotinamide based acne treatment creams you are using? The A-CN tube I am using is gonna end now. Though it doesn’t give over the night miracles, its decent and chances of mark or scar is very low while using A-CN. I wish to try any other nicotinamide cream as a […]

May 5 SandyTheCat
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Can anyone recommend a good leave on product with Salicylic acid?

I have been using Triacneal for the last two months with good results. I am however still getting enough acne spots that always leave dark marks behind that I am still very far away from my dream of being able to step out in public without wearing some form of concealer. I started the Acne […]

April 6 Yuna
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Compare Retino-AC to Avene Triacneal

Hey People, I need your advice on both these products. I have been using Retino-AC but it does not clear the imperfection and even out the skin completely (reddish small acne on cheeks). The reviews for Triacneal on this website are really good, and talk about clearing and evening out the skin. Please help should […]

March 16 shruti soumya
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Need to change regimen completely to target acne pits and holes

Hello everyone! My earlier regimen (from nearly 3-4 months)was as follows: Morning: Sebamed Foaming, then Lotus Herbals 3 in 1 safe sun spf 40 sunscreen. Evening: Wash face with just water, nothing else. Sometimes-once in a week or 2 weeks, used Patanjali Saundarya Face wash for evening cleansing. Night: Face wash-Ahaglow(2 months), Keracnyl (25-30 days) […]

February 11 akshaykshardul
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How to Apply Triacneal..Watch this Video!!

Hi All, For those who are using Triacneal may watch this video. I always had a doubt about the quantity of the product to be applied and now it is cleared. I thought i would share with you too. 🙂 Bye Indu Votes: 0 Answers: 6 Tags: triacneal Categories: Acne Creams / Spot Treatments […]

January 8 indurahul
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Starter Regimen - Crisis!

It has been 4 weeks since I started the Starter Regimen. I am following it diligently, and I cant help but break down as I see my steadily worsening cystic acne on the cheeks. I use Kaya Soothing Gel and Sebamed in the morning, Followed by suncote. In the evening, I wash with kaya and […]

November 13 Neha


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