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Suggestions on Very tiny whiteheads & uneven skin tone..?

Hi Acne Mantra & all members, i had posted another answer in previous thred..but there were no reply, i think nobody noticed that. Then u know that i m only suffering from tiny whiteheads..but a week ago i went to one day picnic,n due to harsh sun expore for continuos three hours i broke ot […]

May 7 Romi
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My acne progress & suggestions on my regimen?

Hi all, i was busy in my 12 board exams n that’s why i was not in contact with our community. But i am religiously reading all posts on acnemantra. After going through all posts i designed my own regimen, the best thing is,my friends complimented on my clearing skin,thanks to AM. My server to […]

April 9 Romi
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Dark marks and whiteheads.

Hi AM, I use Nivea For Men Advanced Whitening Oil Control Face Wash at morning and evening, Nivea For Men Advance Whitening Moisturizer spf30 whenever I’m out and saslic at night. Still I get acne on my cheeks, chin and nose. These always leave dark marks, the sides of my nose are also dark and pigmented. […]

December 10 shahrukh
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Whiteheads and discoloration?

Hi AM, I have a lot of white heads on the chin,around the lips and nose.Also the skin around the chin ,corners of the mouth are darker than the rest of the face.Can you suggest any solution please? Votes: 0 Answers: 7 Tags: hyper pigmentation whiteheads Categories: Dark Spots / Scars December 10 psgg

December 10 psgg
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Reduce brown spots, whiteheads and lighten skin?

Hi.. I am 26 yr old and hv brown spots on my face since 4 -5 yrs..mine is not acne prone skin but i get lots of whiteheads n sumtyms acne which leave marks..i have oily skin on nose and near by cheek area ( not full cheeks) rest of face is normal… I hv […]

December 9 Deepshika
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Keracnyl cream for whiteheads on nose?

I have whiteheads on my cheeks and it ok to apply keracnyl cream on the nose since I dont have any pimples on the nose. Votes: 0 Answers: 4 Tags: keracnyl whiteheads Categories: Acne Creams / Spot Treatments October 31 sam

October 31 sam


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