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Will whiteheads and blackheads go away on their own?

Hello AM ,Teju and everyone else ! I have a some clogged pores and blackheads on the sides of my cheeks and i’m currently using supratret-c and saslic facewash on alternate nights and suncote by the day.I also use Fash facewash Will the blackheads and clogged pores disappear over time without any intervention , like […]

October 22 anu
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How to rid stubborn whiteheads?

I m 23, i dont get any pimples as such, may be once in a month or not even that. I was using some lakme products last month which gave me 2-3 whiteheads and blackheads on cheeks. I tried a clean up at home with steaming followed by a baking soda scrub. I don know […]

October 15 rims
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Mild acne may be due to seboherreic dermatitis help?

i recently got to know that i m suffering from scalp seb derm, which has been the reason for my hairfall since last few years. i am using nizoral from last 2 months with noskurf lotion as prescribed by my dermatologist. but i m not seeing much improvement. and i think that might be the […]

October 11 rims
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Whiteheads after moving to Bangalore?

Hi, My name is Alex, 23 male  and I recently shifted to Bangalore from chennai .initially there were no problems I used a normal vasaline moisturiser but gradually I started getting a lot of white heads all over my face and more constantly above my lips and the edges of my nose( they hurt quite […]

October 11 Alex
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Best cream to get rid of whiteheads?

hi guys! i wanted to know best cream to get rid of whiteheads. i never had much of an acne problem but since last two years i have been gettinga lot of whiteheads on my cheeks. (esp on the lower half ). i have always been a regular user of fair & lovely creams. but […]

September 27 shibani
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Please suggest a cream/gel for whiteheads?

please tell whitehead treatment cream or gel…. i cannot find sebonac gel in my area…. tell affected cream for whitehead Votes: 0 Answers: 7 Tags: salicylic acid whiteheads Categories: Acne Creams / Spot Treatments July 30 deven bhatt2

July 30 deven bhatt2


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