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Suggestion on the Sunscreen which I can use as a moisturizer as well

Hi Acnemantra! I was on the verge of becoming a pimple volcano and I bumped into this site while I was looking for a review for sebamed which I saw in a pharmacy and now I am spared! Thanks will be too small a word to tell you all 🙂 I had a combination skin from […]

February 11 SandyTheCat
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Zoray Aquagel Queries?

Hi All @acnemantra I was using Sunprotek Gel (SPF 30)for last one month and was liking it from the acne point of view, but not overall..It gave me a slight shiny look as i dont use any powder.These days most of the time I am staying indoors only. I felt like my face looked darker […]

February 7 indurahul


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