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Hi friends,

i had my eyebrows trimmed (with a thread)  at a parlour yesterday.i always feel a slight burning sensation in the areas around my eyebrows for a couple hours.i would come home and rub icecubes on it. in the next few days i get a lot tiny tiny skin bumps in that area and sometimes while washing my face i get that burning sensation again(i use AHAglow and himalaya neem facewash).

can i avoid this?

i tried trimming my eyebrows with an electronic doesn’t give the precision the thread gives and let’s just say i am not good with pliers.

somebody please guide me.

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Recently I stopped visiting parlors because threading is the only job I wanna get done there and they give lot of free advices regarding my skin care :@

I have bought a flat tip tweezer and though it does not give precision as threading but okay-okay for me. No pains mainly.

You are doing it right, icecubes, may be aloe vera gel.

Eager to know if someone can give good advice reg threading as well as after threading products.



Yeah i am also waiting for that @catonthewall.i tried tweezers.but i just simply love the precision  threading gives .it adds whole new definition to your face.


Some of the friends where suggesting some measures post waxing.can they be adopted post threading eg. pumic stone and not washing (but it’s can we not wash it).

somebody tell me please….


I think pumice stone acts a scrubber. So putting any scrubs for acne prone skin could be wrong 🙁


Ok thank you @catonthewall. still waiting for post threading measures 🙁


Whenever i get my eyebrows done,i cant explain the torture i have to bear for few following days 🙁 my whole face burns like face gets so red as if all the blood in my system has surfaced on my face…and then those pesky red pus filled pimples show up the next day…its so embarrassing that i dont feel like showing my face for atleast 2 3 days to anyone after getting my eyebrows done..i do apply toner instantly and then aloe vera gel…but still,i face this problem…same thing goes for waxing 🙁 i really wish there was a cure for this.

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