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My name is jesal..till last year, I have never had any acne or pimples on my face..until I had 1 then 2 and the number just went on I have like clusters of them on both my cheeks and forehead..Its disgusting..I have tried everything from applying amla powder paste at night, to cucumber extract, aloe gel from its leaf, and also tried applying Adapalene gel at night..some told me it is also the result of indigestion or constipation..So i also started taking Ayurvedic triphala tablets at night for proper bowel clearance in the morning…The acne do reduce at times but they come back suddenly and the marks they leave never seem to go..I have read your discussions but i still am confused..please suggest me something for getting rid of the acne and the marks permanently..

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if u are using any skin care products stop it completely for few days if u are suffering from acne presently and use ahaglo face wash only and if u have very oily skin use markal lotion twice or thrice a day atc


Hi Jesal..Welcome to Acnemantra 🙂
Acne is caused by hormonal imbalance
There are various causes for acne like pcos,thyroid,deficiencies..Consult a doctor to rule out the possibilities..
As much as we want to go for herbal,they are various reasons why they dont work out..

Are Your Herbal Products Really Herbal?

Yes constipation causes acne due to improper elimination of toxins..
There is no quick fix or permanent cure for acne..Its all about maintenance..Only one product cannot help acne either..
But a proper regimen has helped me and a lot people here..
Look into one of these regimens and take your pick..It has the necessary info,instructions,product suggestions
For now focus on treating acne ..Only once it is under control you can treat scars by following CPP regimen

CPP Process to Get Rid of Dark Spots Fast

Also read up tons of informative articles on acnemantra and educate yourself on acne and it will definitely help you..
Hit the search button if you need any particular info and also read up comments,feebdback as well 🙂

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