Is titanium dioxide comedogenic?


I read that titanium dioxide can cause acne, is that really true ? and if so, the sunscreens containing titanium dioxide can also cause acne breakouts ???

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Hi Maxwell,

Titanium dioxide per se is non comedogenic. Any other comedogenic ingredient along with it in a sunscreen may cause acne. 🙂


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Titanium dioxide has been shown in studies to be non-comedogenic. But there is something to consider. It is considered occlusive in nature. That means it covers the skin pretty much like a bandage would. This occlusive nature can block pores and cause acne. That to me means that it matters what formulation titanium dioxide is delivered in. If it is laid on thick on the skin, it may clog pores. A small percentage of it could be fine.

Also, the skin irritation profile of titanium dioxide is higher compared to zinc oxide. So that way it may lead to irritation causing breakouts in turn. It is also said that nano / micronized titanium dioxide does not clog pores because of their size. Normally people tolerate titanium dioxide based products (sunscreens, foundations) alright, but yes, it is something to watch out for if your skin is terribly acne-prone.


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