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Hi guys @acnemantra ,people always talk about how drinking green tea is so good for you ,infact it is! but what about topically applying green tea on your skin? meanwhile i was researching on this topic and i found this super interesting things that i wanted to share:-

Studies show that Green tea reduces sebum production by 70% !! omg tats alot :0 there are many studies that show positive results:-

oh btw the studies show the effectivness of 2 or 3% green tea lotions ,etc ,

what about “Aloe veda skin nourishing gel”?? it has 2% green tea extract too.. anyone using it noticed sebum reduction?

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Hi Lima, it’s great you brought it up. I did not see any reduction in oiliness with Aloe Veda Gel but then I don’t have oily skin to begin with. I’ve seen those studies before, but there was one thing that worried me. Both the studies, the one about green tea reducing sebum and tea lotion reducing acne use ethanol (alcohol) as their vehicle. Large quantities of ethanol were used to prepare the solutions of tea. One is bound to see a reduction in oiliness and acne with alcohol too. Still, the results speak for themselves and it’s worth a shot to give green tea a try.

From the tea lotion paper, it is not clear if they used green tea or regular tea or any other type of tea. The Iraqi brand mentioned sounds like regular tea.

In the second paper they used a 5% EGCG solution in an ethanol base for 8 weeks. The reduction in acne was moderate. EGCG is the anti-oxidant in green tea that does the magic. One bag of green tea contains about 70 mg of EGCG, so then based on that, such a solution can be calculated and prepared. Some kind of green tea spray could do the trick. Keep us posted on your tea adventures Lima!


For those interested in brewing their own 2% tea lotion, here’s the recipe from the paper. It’s not a direct 2% tea solution, but a somewhat convoluted method to get to the final concoction. This solution was used on volunteers for 2 months, twice a day.

“In thismethod, the tea leaves (swan brand mark) was added

to boiling water (35 gm of tea was added to 100 ml
boiling hot distilled water), and then flame reduced to
minimum and kept on low flame for 30 minutes (Iraqi
method of decoction), then we let the tea extract cool
down. We took 100 ml of tea extract and 100 ml of
distilled water, and we weighed them. The excess
weight in the extracted tea is the amount of pure tea
material in tea lotion, for example, if the difference
is one gram between tea lotion and distilled water
then the percentage is 1%.6 The 1% tea extract was
boiled again until two-thirds of the water evaporated,
to reach 3% tea extract concentration, however,
this preparation is too thick to be used on the face.
Therefore, 2% tea lotion (100 ml) was prepared by
adding 75 ml tea extract and 25 ml of ethanol (95%
purity), which is used as a preservative. The control
solution was prepared by adding 75 ml of distilled
water to 25 ml of ethanol (95% purity). “



Wow  @acnemantra thank you so much for the informative post!!just amazing 🙂 and as for my tea adventures hahaha i dont actually have one ,

i also read that making a green tea toner , there is a concern with life shelf ,idk about the lotion part but for toner ,catechins  are destroyed or lost within hours after making the solution.

and oh thanks for the recipe too 🙂

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