How to reduce pimples & leftout red marks spots


hiii i’m ankit age 24 yrs headng with pimples problem with 1 or 2 pimples every week or sometimes it may gt 3,4 …  n   dey left with red marks & spots aftr deir tretment…
i use oriflame corrective stick  wich is of 2 shades green shade for treatmnt of pimple & brown shade  for hiding spots & i use oriflame tea tree toner gel as facewash… so does it work for me for reducin my pimple & their spots & can i use lacto calamine as i hve oily skin… n suggest me smthng to reduce my red spots left by pimples

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Hi Ankit,

You could look into the Starter Regimen that targets both acne and red pimple marks with suitable product recommendations.


Using toners as face wash is inadequate because toners do not have the cleansing agents that a face wash must. Also you will need to sue a face wash to clean off the concealer (Oriflame corrective stick).


Please spend some time reading the posts here on Acne Mantra. You will learn exactly which products to use and how in order to prevent acne as well as scars.



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