Is Tulsi Organic green tea safe?


i am drinking tulsi organic green tea from past few months. is it safe for acne prone skin ?

dis is d link of day tea. plz tell me. is it safe or should i stop ?

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Hi Ansal,

Green tea is good for skin issues –

By the way have you noticed any changes with tulsi organic green tea. Because you said you are using it from last few months.

Tejupriya,AM – your thoughts on the product tulsi organic green tea




Hi guys, Tejupriya has prepared a whole post about green tea. It’ll be coming tomorrow. Hang in there. ūüôā


wow wow.. Tejupriya rocks ūüôā I will be waiting for it more than tomorrow’s newspaper ūüėõ


hehe ashu thanks.. ūüôā
ansal hang on the post will answer ur questions :)..
green tea is safe and very helpful for acne..enjoy ur cuppa tea ūüėČ


Sorry¬† everyone¬† for¬† posting¬† here, my¬† question¬† is¬† not¬† related¬† to¬† green¬† tea.Tejupriyadi, i’m¬† using¬† nizoral¬† religiously. Did¬† your¬† friend¬† use¬† the¬† shampoo¬† with¬† 1%¬† ketaconasole¬† or¬† the¬† 2%¬† one? And¬† how¬† long¬† did¬† it¬† take¬† to¬† clear¬† the¬† dandruff¬† totally?


hi jhumki it was 1% for quite few months..n u gotta post new thread for this.. ūüôā


Sorry  for  being  lazy.and  that  was  hell  of  a  fast  answer..:)

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