Two pustules on my right cheek


I m on starter regimen n I got two pustules on my right cheek which are painful.i did apply retino a on them but I don’t think its working. .n its der since a week…urgent help needed

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Should I ask my derma to put me on sotret coz I don’t want those tiny scars


Hi Nikita, I understand you are panicking at this time, but going on Sotret because you suspect two pimples may leave scars sounds crazy to me. No dermatologist in their right mind will prescribe you Sotret because of two pimples. It is a dangerous drug that can create permanent damage to the liver, intestines and other vital organs of the body. Anyway, given the way doctors are dispensing Sotret these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone does prescribe it for this situation.

It is meant to be prescribed to people who have horrible, severe acne that hasn’t come under control with any other medication. This cancer drug is used as the last resort. Risks of Sotret are probably known to you, so I’m likely preaching to the converted.

For Starter Regimen problems, you should see this.


To b honest starter regimen worked for me , it cleared majority of my spots to some extent n I was so happy with the results but unfortunately these two new pimples a week back *sob sob*…u are right am , I dont have issues with these bumps but I don’t want scars…especially just a centimetre right to my nose


Is there any way to prevent scarring? I tried retino a though its not there in regimen coz the pustules were painful but it didn’t work


AM, wont triacneal treat scars?


It did treat some of mine but can I prevent it now?

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