Is U.V. AVO sunscreen good for oily / acne prone skin?


Is U.V. AVO sunscreen good for oily / acne prone skin? Is Shalaks Pharmaceuticals U.V. AVO sunscreen non-comedogenic?

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We only have access to the active ingredient list of this sunscreen and not the whole ingredient list. U.V. AVO is oil-free but doesn’t claim to be non-comedogenic. It is water-resistant, which means it will likely contain some kind of film-forming, waxy ingredient which can block pores.

U. V. AVO is often suggested by dermatologists. The thing is, while you are still using an acne treatment such as antibiotics or topical creams, such sunscreens will not be able to cause breakouts. So you may think the sunscreen is safe for you.

When you stop using the medication and use only the sunscreen, there is nothing to stop it from blocking your pores. So acne may come back. But you will not suspect the sunscreen, because it had been working well so far. 

I’d say be safe, use a different sunscreen.


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