uncontrolled acne breakout


hi iam 21 years old and had a acne breakout one month back. my doctor gave ahaglow and nadoxin -A cream. now after using it for a month im getting fresh breakouts all over my face. previously i had normal skin which was clear. this is my first experience with acne. please help.

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hi radha..welcome to acnemantra..
firstly calm down,i understand how it feels..
there are lot of causes for acne like pcos,thyroid,any deficiency consult a doctor to rule out these possibilities..
aha glow is a good facewash and nadoxin is a topical application of acne..both are good..the key with acne is “maintenance”..
a complete regimen often helps tackle better which covers all bases..please look into one of the regimen for instructions,product suggestions
i am following starter regimen and it has definitely helped me and lot of people here.. 🙂
hope this helps..take care 🙂

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