Using Exfoliating face wash in winters ?


Hi Friends,

I was using AHAglow once in 4 days but still i feel skin gets dry and stretchy. So i stop using AHAglow nowadays. Is anyone getting the same experience of using AHAglow in winters ?

Also any suggestions which exfoliating face wash would be better in winters….. ๐Ÿ™‚



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Daily exfoliation wouldn’t be a great idea for “your” winters. Here, winter is like summer during daytime in Aurangabad!

But, still if you want it, Ahaglow/Keracnyl can be used once a week as a 5 minute mask. Else, Keracnyl mask can be used as scrub (not that good product as a mask, but fares well as scrub.



I also see that problem with aha glow but not with glomed i know its 5 % glycolic acid but its not that drying for me.use only one time on third tube now


I agree with jassi0302. Even i m using glomed daily in morning & i m nt feeling much of dryness. Infact my face looks quite fresh & glowing. I dnt even apply any moisturizer as suncote is able to meet a liitle bit dryness that is because of acne creams & exfoliants.


Thank you @akshaykshardul. Your reply makes sense to me.


Thanks Jassi and Shafali. your reply help. I need to drop AHAglow and start using glomed ๐Ÿ™‚

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