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Hello All,

I went to visit a dermatologist because I have suddenly begun getting the most cysctic acne breakouts on my chin. I am not sure what the reason is but probably some combination of diet, stress — for a while I made the stupendously idiotic error of drinking chlorinated water which played havoc with my skin.

My question is this: the doctor has recommended a cream/gel that has an anti-biotic as well as isotretinoin (0.025%). Since isotretinoin is known to cause birth defects, I would like to know if usage of the gel can have implications for any future children I may have?

I am a 34 year woman. I have no immediate plans to have children. But on the off chance that I decide to have children in the next 1-2 years, I would like to make sure that they are born healthy.

I was under the impression that only the tablets can cause brith defects if ingested during pregnancy. However, I came across an NHS (UK Public Health) website that indicated that usage of the gel also may have implications for pregnant women.

Anyway, any information in this regard would be appreciated.

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Hiya Vishakha, you’ll find this discussion about safety of isotretinoin gel useful. 🙂 Personally, I would not use isotretinoin in any way, shape or form if there was the slightest chance of a pregnancy even in the remote future. Also because there are effective alternatives you might try.


Thank you for the link — it was very useful!

In terms of effective alternatives, I looked around on the website and you’ve recommended AHAGlow for spot treatment. Unfortunately, I do not have access to that brand where I am. I do have access to most international brands like Avene, Dermalogica, Darphin, Sebamed etc. Is there a spot treatment gel you could recommend for me as an alternative?

Many thanks for this!

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