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Hello Sonal, hope you are doing well.I am here on this blog to share my experiences & measures I am taking from past 2 months to combat my acne.

In a brief , I want to share my history to you that I got acne( mainly closed comedones on my cheek, some on my forhead & chin) after applying any topical on my face. I got breakout from every topical in the form of comedones  , some of which got inflamed & got converted into pustules.

What measures I am taking from past 2 months:

1) I am under the treatment of one renowned homeopath by last 1 month but no effect on acne.Only positive think is that now pustules takes less time to dry.

2)I am using Aha glow  regularly as a face wash & sometimes sebamed too( Sebamed helps me to keep my nose clean

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Sorry again phone hanging occurs & my incomplete question submitted.I am submitting rest of my queries now…



2) ..When I dont use either of them then I see more comedones on face but whats the problem I am facing that both these facewashes irritate my drying pustule & makes it more red & pus filled so they both extend the time period of its drying.Please help here!

3) You suggested Sebonac gel for comedones but rather it have inflamed the existing one even more.

4) Supplements I am taking right now:

Becousles, vitamin e , c & himalaya neem capsules.

5) I have also done glycolic peel but no effect on these type of acne.

6) I have undergone a lot of research in past days , for eradicating these comedones completely but not getting any result.


Now, I want your help , if uou could help me in eradicating



Atleast ,please advice me some supplements so that their formation rate slow down.

Do their is any fault in my skin cleansing process or my skin is shedding too many cells rapidly as compared to other persons.

I want to know the exact reason behind their formation( got these bumps after kojivit use too) so that I can permanently stop their occurence.

For you hint, I describe you my acne that when I fill my mouth with air , you can see my face each & every pore clogged.

From past 2 months, I am not using any type of sunscreen or makeup at all except applying kojivit on my acne scars & some antiacne topicals.


Hi Parul, I understand, you are going through a tough time. Many of us have been there and have successfully come out. There is definitely hope for you. Let us go step by step.

Do tell me which exact vitamin C supplement (name) you are using. I’ll tell you why. Also stop Becosules for now. Which are those ‘some anti-acne topicals’? It’s necessary to have all this information before suggesting anything.


@AM , I am taking celin 500mg as a vitamin c supplement.

Antiacne topicals:

Clindamycin1%  on clogged pores and on active acne: 2 times a day

FaceclinA gel: in night as prescribed by dermatologist.


Triacneal makes my pores big so stopped it ~2months before.

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