Very dry-combination skin with acne. request suggestions!


Hi! Firstly dear Sonal aka AM – thanks! Grazie! For this awesome site! This is a blessing.

I never had acne in my teens & now in my 30s am fighting an occasional one/cluster. Have some of these tough white ones under the skin on my nose, which don’t seem to go away! What are these please & how do I remove them? Also can u please help me with an effective regimen for dry skin (oily T zone) prone to acne once in awhile?

Thanks again!  Zaffira

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Hi Zaffira, nice to have you join us. 🙂 Since your acne is very mild and infrequent, I guess simply removing any and all comodogenic products from your skincare and makeup routine will be all you will need. Even products labelled non-comedogenic aren’t always so. Go through this post to see how to identify truly non-comedogenic products and which ones to throw away.

Dryness of skin may be inherent or it may be induced by using drying products. If you list all the products you are currently using, we may be able to come up with some ideas on how to tweak your present skincare routine to prevent dryness in the first place. And then perhaps add in a non-comedogenic moisturizer.


Dear AM,
I apologize profusely for this big gap in between – when life gives u lemons, taking care of yourself comes last.
Thanks for your response. I have always had dry skin – face (oily T zone with very dry cheeks, sides of mouth) n body. I use:
Face wash: Cetaphil, AHA glow, Sebamed foam.
Creams: Cetaphil. Jovees youth, Bioderma Atoderm PO zinc.
Sunscreens: Suncote, Neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch 30, Lakme.
Body: Vaseline Cocoa, Venusia, Himalaya extra dry. Am planning to get Jergens age defying lotion.
Makeup: Lakme perfect radiance compact. Sometimes Garnier BB under the eyes (makes me look dark n oily later). If my face is too shiny, apply Fair & Lovely cream to mattify. Lakme eyeliner. Maybelline baby lips.
I know I am careless but have woken up!
Problems: Dryness, light under eye puffiness & circles, light pigmentation, tan, acne depressions on cheeks, light forehead wrinkles, darker upperlip area.

Appreciate your inputs in advance & thanks again!


Hi Manasy, the problem is, almost 90% of these products are comedogenic, so something out of this is bound to be the culprit behind the acne. The only way is to cut out all the cream based products from teh T-zone for  2 weeks and then add in a lightweight moisturizer after that. Try this regimen with your existing products for  2 weeks and see if pimples reduce.

Morning: Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion (all over the face) followed by Sebamed Cleaning Foam only on the T-zone.

Evening: AHAglow on the T-zone and Cetaphil on the rest of the face.

I know dividing this way can be tough, but just give it a try for a bit.

Avoid applying any of the creams on the T-zone especially on the acne prone areas of it. Use Bioderma Atoderm PO zinc (not on the T-zone) and Suncote. Suncote can be applied on the T-zone. Avoid Lakme compact on the T-zone. No Fair & Lovely either.



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