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Hi everybody,

Am subbalakshmi. Had posted a question with the title  43 and still getting pimples. Actually I wanted to post under that topic. But with the limited knowledge I have , not able to find how to fit in a reply into that post. Hence am writing here. Wanted to thank Acne mantra and all ourfriends who gave me useful tips. Starting from the age of 13, I have been suffering from acne. Everytime I sigh with relief that it has vanished, the acne will be back with a bang leaving scars, black marks, pores…. After 30 years I finally found answer to many questions  including the quintessential “why me, why me alone?” So thankful to all of you. Yes, as AM suggested I did check my stock. One is the age old Lakme foundation, then the one I purchased recently – Loreal Matte Morphose foundation , Aroma magic cucumber sunscreen lotion, Himalaya apricot scrub, primer from Lotus,   then some herbal deep cleanser and  make up remover where the ingredients are not listed . I think most of them  are not good for acne prone skin. Now I understood why I keep getting pimples.

Many of the members talk about their skin grade and all like grade 1 and grade 2. Sorry for my ignorance. But  how do we find that ? Should I approach some dermatologist ?

I live in a  city in south india and getting the products mentioned in the regimen is turning to be  a bit difficult. May be I have to check online.

Once again let me express my sincere thanks to all for being so helpful especially AM. Now I have a positive feeling that my skin may finally be blemish free…wish AM was here 10-15 years ago …

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@subbalakshmi , here’s the link to find your Acne Prone Skin Type -APST:

Figured Your Acne Prone Skin Type (APST)?

Do click on the >>NEW? START HERE tab above and read the article called “must read this” 🙂

I’m 32 & I’ve had acne for 12 years now. My acne reduced exponentially once I threw away all my comedogenic face products & started using “Acnemantra Certified ” products. You’ve come to the right place 😀


Hiya Subbalakshmi, it’s great that you’re going over your skincare and makeup stash as an acne detective. You can copy paste or type in ingredient list for any product on this Skingredients page and it will tell you if the product contains any comedogenic (pimple causing) ingredients. You’re right, all the products including L’Oreal Matte Morphose are comedogenic. So that’s step 1 out of the way.

Now what to use? If you are having difficulty finding products in your area, you could either buy online, at, or Otherwise, for now, you could start with AHAGlow face wash or even better Glomed face wash which is generally easily available at medical stores. You might have to ask at a few medical stores though.

When you want to reply to a question, just keep going lower on the page until you see a box with title “Your Answer”. Just type in your answer there and click the “submit” button. 🙂 Regarding APST grade, Pam already answered that, so that’s something you can check out too.


Thankyou so much Pam and AM for taking pains to explain to me. I have shared my experience and asked a few questions in another link, AM. Am sorry..hope you wont mind. When time permits, kindly reply. Regards, Subbalakshmi.

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