Website to buy Sunprotek Gel online? :( :'(


Some one, if finds ANY website which sells SUNPROTEK GELs, then plz tell me here.

:'( Y these sunscreens are not easily available? :/ Huh!

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I myself found 1 – BUT dnt need to be happy!

It requires MINIMUM OF 10 QUANTITIES to buy from the site!



Sunprotek Gel SPF 50 is available here –


You can try Zoray Aquagel sunscreen (Rs. 211 for 60 gm) instead of Sunprotek. Or Suncros Aquagel. Both are available at medical stores. Get the Aquagel version. Zoray has had good reviews here. Suncros Aquagel has a few users here but I’m not sure if it is non-comedogenic.


@acnemantra hii!

Thank god! I finally got a sunscreen! 🙂 Zoray Aquagel i hv got!

Its easier to find than Sunprotek! I got Glomed also as per ur advice.

It is my first day of Glomed-zoray aquagel combo. So far, both of them are fine. Zoray aquagel is not sticky that much and not oil-causing too.  Btw, its pack itself claims so much, r u sure abt its ingredients being non-comedogenic and that it offers full protection from UVA,  UVB rays? I would like to hear ur technical analysis of the product. Practically, it suits me.

Btw, all my face acne are COMPLETELY under my control now and marks are fading too. Thanks to u, ur website and Sebonac and Kojivit (Now, i use kojivit properly, i.e., use very tiny amount of it). I wish you had a website similar lke this which is completely devoted for HAIR problems. Btw, best wishes my saviour.


Suncros aquagel is too oily & have creamy consistency…….dont go gor it.I am also hunting for a better sunscreen as my doctor prescribes me Ekran aquagel instead of suncote but all in vain as it is sticky and make me dull and dark like suncote……….


Do anybody on acnemantra feel that suncote makes their pores big( myself feel this problem in the t-zone area so dropped it now.)


U can use Zoray Aquagel @parul . I cudnt find Sunprotek, so i m using it. Its quite good. 🙂


Hi Friends,

If anybody outside India and wanted  to buy Sunprotek then here is the link




@nerd, Hi there! I was so desperate for a good sunscreen that I mailed Sunprotek MD and asked them to make it available online and local medical stores  easily since they have got the best one for acne prone skin.

The goodnews is we can now order it on email directly on their website till they take measures to make it available everywhere. Sadly they promote their product only through qualified doctors and don’t promote on OTC. So I guess it would take sometime before it is available easily.


@leenajd, Did you receive the product after mailing them ?


Hi Guys, and ( @twinklebenedictgmail-com )

I couldn’t find  sunprotek at my place too so i mailed them on the email ids mentioned on their contact page.. U can even call them up.. In my case when I mailed them, Mr Diwakar who is the product manager called me up and made it available in my city…

They would either tell you the distributor’s name in your area or courier you to your doorstep..

Their URL is :-


@twinklebenedictgmail-com Yes, I received my pack just two days ago! After sending them the mail, I called them up and spoke to Mr.Diwakar and he was more than glad to courier the sunscreen 🙂

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