What is the mechanism for “healing” a pus filled pimple?


Hey everyone!

I have seen that under the skin bumps do get dissolved and heal properly if handled with care, but however much i try my pus filled pimple breaks…when its “ready” even on washing face it breaks… i have never had a pus filled pimple healing without breaking….

What has been your experience? Has it healed for you?

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Only Benzoyl Peroxide can heal a pus filled pimple without breaking it but need to start applying BP when you see the pimple outright even before it forms a pus. it works usually but many times pus filled ones almost always break & create an ugly mess. Nothing else works except BP & even that can fail if you do not catch it at the right time.


Once pus is formed on a pimple,you must not apply Bp or retino and further irritate it. You should apply an antibacterial like T-bact ointment…the pimple doesnt break after jus subsides and heals..As @lalitha said,Bp is a “catch it early”type ointmemt and more for the kind of acne thats huge but never comes to a head.For pus filled pimple,t-bact is the best.


Hi nimi,

i agree with LD.i treat my pus filled pimples with BP.i use BenZac AC-2.5%.BP is well known to dry up your skin extensively.(it just doesn’t work with under the skin bumps).

but remember, never ever disturb a pus filled pimple.when i get one such pimple i just keep applying benzac-AC on it(ONLY ON THE PIMPLE) and sometimes if i miss and if the pimple is ready to explode i just keep applying benzac day and night and it has dried up.



Hey thanks everyone:)…m gonna try bp..i have pernox gel with me…I hope i can be careful n not break it!!


@nimi i experience the same thing,no matter how much i take care of my pus filled breaks,especially washing face…and then again develops a white head..breaks and again develops a whitehead…takes soooo to heal and by the time it leaves,it leaves behind a purple mark ๐Ÿ™ just today i read in one @acnemantra ‘s posts that such pimples wud keep developing white heads until and unless whole of the infection drains out of it..if it breaks before its ready to..its ought to develop a white head again…bp irritated and aggravated my bacne,so i cud not try it on my face..i am using faceclin nowadays..but its not much helping much..i have a big painful cystic acne on my chin which is there from 2.5 weeks…and the process of breaking and getting filled with pus still continues ๐Ÿ™


Same story shweta:(

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