What products would be suitable for a person with APST 3 with polycystic ovarian disease.


I have very much oily and acne prone skin. i suffer from PCOD but since few months my menses are regular  with normal flow and i am not on any medications. but every month i get at least 1 or 2 pus filled pimples and this used to happen even before i had pcod. they usually come during my menses go on their own without doing anythng bt they leave dark spots behind even if i dont break them. my dermatologist has suggested me to do CTM and is soon goin to do Peeling sessions for me. I would really like to know what products should i use. I get pimples hardly for a week or two in a month but i dont want them to reappear at all since they are embarrassing , painfull n leave marks.. so please help me

Currently I am using these products. 1)GArnier neem face wash.

2) Neutrogena black head eliminating toner.

3)zoray gel suncreen

4) no moisturizer used for face till now.

5) faceline gel bedtime application

Dermat recomendations which i havent tried yet are:  KERACNYL  face wash,Elocor cream(to reduce spots)

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Hi Anushree, you could add in Sebamed Cleansing Foam to your routine. This often helps greatly in the management of occasional pimples.


Supplementation with vitamin B6 and vitamin D helps in case of pimples that arise mainly during that time of the month. But first, you could try changing up the skincare routine a bit and see if that helps. Some people have reported breakouts from Garnier Neem Face wash even though there’s nothing really comedogenic in it. So, just to be on the safe side, perhaps try Glomed face wash which contains liquorice (will lighten dark marks) and glycolic acid to unclog pores. Garnier is salicylic and tea tree based one, Glomed is glycolic acid based and is better tolerated. So Glomed in the morning and Sebamed at night or the other way around, whichever feels right for you.


Going for peeling sessions before your acne situation is under control wouldn’t be advised since the very next month new pimples would spoil the results. So hang in there, get a working routine for yourself, then when things have stabilized, go for peels to get rid of dark marks.


Hiii @acnemantra,

I would surely like to try out Glomed face wash. I also read reviews about it on this site seemed pretty good to me. Only query why do i need to use two face washes?? is it because glomed can make my skin do dry or something else?? Also i have the habit of using face wash thrice a day so which one should i use more often sebamed  face wash or glomed? and where would i find these face washes its difficult to search for them in medical stores. any online site?


The purpose of each face wash serves is different. Glomed is a powerful exfoliant, removing dead skin cells and keeping pores from getting blocked. Sebamed is a powerful anti-bacterial, attacking acne bacteria. Together, this combination keeps pores clean and bacteria out of them to prevent pimples. Normally, a face wash alone cannot control acne all together if it is anything more than mild, but this is a start.


Thanx @acnemantra .

I would love to try out these things but i am having tough time finding these products . where can one avail these?


If you can’t find Glomed, you could ask for AHAGlow (1% glycolic acid) face wash or KLM Klin AHA face wash (5% glycolic acid). The AHA is important if you choose KLM Klin. Sebamed Cleansing Foam is available online. If your doctor meant Elocon Cream, then it is contraindicated (not allowed) for acne prone skin since being a steroid, it can bring on acne as well as thin the skin abnormally. This has happened to quite a few people in this community. Steroid ointments aren’t the solution for fading spots. The CPP Process is.


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