When and how to use kaya pigmentation reducer?


hi tejupriya hows u????  🙂

me following starter regimen for past nearly 2 months

morning-sebamed foam,evening-kaya soothing face wash,night-triacneal(thrice or twice in a week)

worth of trying pimples is getting under control.but many black spots which left over by pimples and some pinkish pimples.just wanted to know how to use kaya pigmentation reducer cream for black it right time?


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Hi Ram, congratulations on your progress! I’m happy for you. 🙂

These days people are reporting better results with using Kojivit Gel for dark spots, at a fraction of the price of Kaya Pigmentation Reducer Gel. So I’d say try Kojivit Gel. You can find it at medical stores.

The instructions to use Kojivit gel are the same as for Kaya Pigmentation Gel. You can find detailed instructions about using Kaya Pigmentation Reducer Gel in the Starter Regimen post here.


Also, if your skin can tolerate it, try to use Triacneal every night. That will help fade dark spots faster in addition to Kojivit. Also, you need to start using Suncote Gel to prevent darkening of spots. Basically, try to use the Starter Regimen in full, except just switch Kaya Pigmentation to Kojivit.


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