“Which anti ageing cream is good with natural ingredient & with no side effect?”


Dear AM,

I have gone through your review which are really helpful but still I need your advice for a perticular product since as per my age I am 27yrs + and I have just started noticible lines under my eyes and pigmentation on my skin.I had visited dermatologist, he suggested me yogurt it cleared my skin but I found pain under my eyes whenever I used so I just stopped using it since I got scared.I even tried out neutrogena night cream which is too oily and it did work out but not at its best.I want to use Oriflame product which is been is easily availabl and it said to be natural.So plz suggest me what to do??

Thanking you..


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Hi Noor,

Here is a thread you may find helpful.  The second reply mentions the products used by @indurahul and her comments about it. For eye creams you can start from there probably.

More than natural, coming from someone who has used it already, the risk of side effects is comparatively less.


Hi Noor, if you mean Neutrogena Light Night Cream, that’s a completely useless product and not recommended. You could consider using Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream and the eye cream version of it. From your question it is not clear if your skin is acne prone, because in that cause the Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle Cream would not be a good choice. Then Avene Triacneal may be a better option. Among other options, Kumkumadi Tailum is a more natural product (pick any good brand of it), but it is not meant for acne prone skin. It can help with fading hyper pigmentation.


I agree, it would be great to find a natural cream that can give anti-aging benefits. The only problem is, it won’t come in a jar or a tube. You see, even if the active ingredients of a cream are natural such as milk, turmeric etc. the whole process of keeping them from rotting inside the jar requires adding chemicals which can range from parabens to phenoxyethanol to other preservatives.


Then to aid the penetration of the product into the skin calls for adding more chemicals such as glycols which have themselves come under the scanner of late because of health risks. So please, do not think that any product you are going to use from a jar is natural. Reading up a bit and remaining informed in these matters will help you look past any of the ‘natural’ ‘herbal’ claims.


After that, you could still choose to use one of the products, but at least you won’t be fooling yourself thinking you are using a harmless natural product. Yes, this includes products from herbal companies too – Ayur, Biotique, Lotus Herbals, Himalaya Herbals. This is not to say those products are all toxic but it helps to know that they are not really ‘natural’.


Hi Noor, I have tried Oriflame Even out night cream in the past and it was just okey for me as a night time moisturizer. Didn’t create any breakouts, but noticed no skin lightening as it claims. Also it is not natural. I doubt other oriflame anti aging products are not completely non comodogenic also.

Then there was Olay Regenerist Night firming cream, which had only mild como ingredeints. But now they have changed the formula and added other highly como. ingredeints. Apparently the old version is no longer available. 🙁 . If you order Olay Night Firming Cream online they would send you the new version ,which is “Olay Regenersit Deep Night Hydration” .

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@indurahul Looking at the other products, triacneal seems better to me, but won’t it make skin dry? I am planning to buy it, how many days will it last?

I am thinking of a combo of Lotus nutraeye and triacneal for my anti aging care.


Dear AM & Indurahul,

Thanks alot for your helpful suggestion.I had gone earlier and the recent post and these are quiet important information.As per AM suggestion I gone through Kumkumadi Tailam and these are various product in form of oil which work really well on skin as feedback reveals so I thinking of trying this product but I often get pimples on my skin so I bit scared to take a risk.Anyways thanks to u all.There is a site which and given wide information about Kumkumadi tailam in brief info so even check out Indurahul below



@catonthewall, i would say can alternate triacneal with any other night cream which suits you..I was using Kaya and now i bought Clarins Lotus Oil. Used it for 2 weeks and i simply love how it get absorbed into the skin. The only con is it is damn pricey.. 🙁

Noor, is kumkumadi thailam safe for acne prone skin? I heard my mother who has very dry skin telling about the same ,gave her some allergies in the past, like 20 years ago. May be she didnt use it in the proper way. It was also kottakkal’s.


Well dear @ Indurahul, I am not sure since I had never used this product but I am really interested to try one.Foe u dear I suggest please go through the internet for more information.I thinking of even Kaya Product or Neutrogena Rapid wrinkle cream but again I dnt wanna jump for anything in hurry so still looking for better.


Hi friends, i am currently using an anti-aging product (only under the eyes, i am to be 22 next month)called Hytec from biomedica has hyaluronic acid and osilift(oat-kernel extract).for further info you can check my profile.i ve posted a picture of it.anyway i started using it a only a couple days back.i ll tell you if it works guys.

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