Which is the best kaya cleanser/face wash ?



I do see 4 cleansers on kaya’s website

  1. kaya cleansing soothing gel
  2. kaya purifying cleanser  (contains salicylic acid)
  3. Fairness Cleanser tube 100 ml
  4. Face cleanser for sensitive skin

Wanted to check which is the best …



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Hi Ashu!

I’ve used Kaya Fairness Cleanser in summer (Indian Summer!) just 4-5 months back. What I found that it has exfoliation beads, although it didn’t broke me out (most of the products don’t break me) but the exfoliation beads exfoliate daily. And it was a harsh exfoliation. due to which I was turning darker day by day even if I applied moisturiser. So it is not good enough. But if you want something for exfoliating no weekly basis, it can be good option. But if you use exfoliant already, you don’t really need it.

ummmm….don’t know about others! but you bought soothing gel i guess, howz it?


Ashu, if you’ve been around on Acne Mantra for more than a minute, you already know what my answer is going to be. 🙂 Kaya Skin Clinic Soothing Cleansing Gel.

Here more detailed info:

  1. Kaya purifying cleanser  (contains salicylic acid) – but has caused breakouts on people because of an olive oil based ingredient possibly.
  2. Kaya fairness Cleanser tube 100 ml – You already heard Akshay’s experience with it
  3. Kaya face cleanser for sensitive skin – This is comedogenic with stearic acid, so steer clear
  4. Kaya cleansing soothing gel – no comedogens as such, good reviews all round.

Hi Akshay,

Nice to hear from you after long time.. be in touch man…

Coming back to the post, thanks for the information.  Actually this is not for me.. I am happy with my Neutrogena and Avene 🙂

I want to gift a kaya cleanser to one of my friend 🙂


@acnemantra – Sonal please let me know your thoughts about these three.

  1. kaya cleansing soothing gel
  2. kaya purifying cleanser  (contains salicylic acid)
  3. Face cleanser for sensitive skin

@acnemantra – You were 100% right. My vote was also for kaya soothing gel but need to cross check with you too. I am glad that you and me are on the same page.

Done. Ordered on  Thanks Sonal 🙂


kaya soothing gel.very good cleanser and use very low quantity to clean the face its biggest advantage for those who think 500 for it is big cost (


@jassi0302 – Jassi jaisa koyi nahi .. thanks jassi for your reply.


hello guys!

Great news for pple wanting to buy kaya products. 30% discount grab it!

good luck 🙂

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