APST 2 skin breaking out on cheeks and upper lip


Firstly I just came out across ur site and its very helpful

And I fellin love with ur work .

I read about my skin typein APST so its type 2 robust combination oily my t zone is oily and rest is well behaved and I usually breakout on my chin thts not the stubborn acne its little or red zits appear and thn heal in 2 to 3 days
But in this summer its getting difficult to tame it I am getting this white heads on my cheeks near upperlip and thts bothering alot
After reading about best 10 face cleansers
I opted for saslic facial foam and its been 4 days
But I don’t see a visible diffrence may it will work out till it finishes
And I use clean n clear mosturiser daily
As I dont go out much so no sunblock
I want to ask which cream should I apply on appearing zits and for marks please reply
And r toners necessary in a skin care regime
I have read good reviews about vichy normaderm cleansing gel so is it good enough for my dkin type

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Hi Uzma, you might give the Starter Regimen a shot. Or Keracnyl Regimen if your skin is not sensitive. They both contain recommendations for everything including acne creams.

Modern day face washes and creams already provide many of the benefits toners are touted for. Unless a toner is doing something that your face wash or cream can’t it is unnecessary. Check out more about toners for acne prone skin here.

Acne will not go away in a week, so you will need to give the products an good chance to work. Stick to one regimen for at least 2-3 weeks to see its full potential.


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