In 30’s, but whiteheads still appear help


dear acnemantra,

you are by far the most sensitive and helpful site I have seen so far …I wish I had you when my pimples first started

Ok , I am in my early 30s mother of 2 kids…i have had bad acne,moderate acne  clear skin all since my adolescence…In between I went to a couple of doctors and my skin was all cleared up …but 6 mths post clearing up ..they would flare again.

Post my first son, my skin had really cleared up for a year…I thought maybe ..its solved…but after my second son …its become worse.

Now this is the routine I follow

morning : wash with sebamed foam . apply sebamed gel

after bath  : wash with garnier aha(eucalyptus);apply lacto calamine

after lunch before office : apply lotus 3 in one matte ;some light powder

evening  taking kids down to play after work : wash with garnier/sebamed gel apply

in the night : if makeup garnier cleaning milk ; living cell multiaction toner;clean and clear moituriser and glyco 6 if no makeup then I skip the cleasing milk

Now big pimples I admit have gone…but these pesky white heads …they keep appearing all over the face..if I get a cleanup done ..they flare

My questions are these

1) My beautician says I should  clean up every 15 days to get rid of the whiteheads .Should I do that  ?

2) I have started Liv 52 tablets 2 in the morning and 2 at night .i am drinking 8 glasses of water …should I add any other supplement like neem tablets ?

3) Is there any change in the products i am using ?

4) Should I get the cleanup done in Kaya ?

Please help ..i am sick and tired of these whiteheads and blackheads ….I am the mother of two kids and not a teenage kids …My scars are black and superficial and not deep ..but I scar easily ..please advise

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Hi, I think you can skip the garnier & lacto calamine as the castor oil in lacto calamine can be majorly comedogenic causing the breakouts. Also I’ve never thought Garnier was the right product to use on acne prone skin. Since they are not the cystic type & white heads only, these 2 could only be causing the reaction & possibly not the hormones ( of course i could be wrong) . Try using only Sebamed cleansing foam, clear gel followed by Suncote sunscreen & matte compact or powder.  Try this approach for a week till white heads calm down & only then start with Glyco 6.

Even lotus sunscreen matte has known to cause breakouts sometimes. Same with Garnier cleansing milk. if you want to remove make up,use Color Bar make up remover meant for oily/combination skin followed by sebamed cleanser.

Also please, please do not go in for clean ups at beauty parlours, that could be the icing on the cake in aggravating your white heads, blackheads, if at all you want to go, only go to places where qualified aestheticians do the job of taking out blackheads. Most of the times, the parlours we frequent have staff who have no clue in treating acne skin & just do the routine method of steaming & extracting every single little bump they see without knowing the reaction it may cause. Surely then, after 2 days your would see your skin breaking out due to the harsh treatment meted out to  your skin.  Ideally acne prone skin does not benefit at all in any way through facials or clean ups. Exfoliating at home would be a much better solution to remove blackheads. Hence please use caution while visiting parlours as all of the above could be aggravating your acne. Rest i guess you can continue using all your meds as described since they are all proceeding in the right direction. All the best & please let us know how it comes through.


Hi jo..i think u consult ur doctor to rule pcod,any hormonal balance or deficiency..
I think garnier and lacto calamine are culprits..alternative to lacto calamine is calak lotion(does not contain castor oil)..
Do not wash ur face more than 2-3times in a day..
Sebamed cleansing foam is good..why dont u add aha glow facewash?
Cleansing milk will be comedogenic..instead use a good non comedogenic makeup remover like bioderma sensibio h20..
I have had bad experience with these beautician and clean ups..they just suggest it to everyone..honestly clean up and most parlour treatments dont bode well with acne prone skin..i suggest u stop clean up since it is msking the problem..
Adding a good facewash like aha glow/keracynl foaming wash is a good idea..they gently exofoliate the skin,unclog pores without causing breakouts..thereby improvement in acne/scars..
Since u are using glyco 6 ,this is would be good regimen for u..dont forget to add a oil free sunscreen and oil free moisturiser..
U could also consider adding dietary supplements like baidyanath rakt shodak..
Clean up is not a solution..instead read articles on starter regimen,cpp regimen..they will definitely help u..
Cpp-glyco 6 and kaya nourishing night cream with fairness on alternate nights,kaya pigmentation reducer,suncote sunscreen..
This is just a more about it and think about it..
Also switch to non comedogenic make up products..for more info check this link
Try not to use make up until skin calms down..
Hope this helps..good luck!!

For ur scars u can add kaya pigmentation reducer..


Hi tejupriya,

quick question for you? how effective is Kaya pigmentation reducer gel for dark acne scars? do you see at all any difference in the marks? does it cause more breakouts? i checked the ingredients & it contains lactic acid & niacinamide & both are know to lighten scars of PIH, but since you are using it for some time now, wanted your advice on this. I desperately need to see those scars of mine lightened or vanish!!  alternately is Triacneal more effective for scars? Am not getting triacneal now anywhere (even online) as it is out of stock so would  Diacneal  solve the purpose without further aggravating the acne? Just curious to know – are you completely acne free now?



Hi using kaya pigmentation reducer..its basically a gel and u also know the ingredients..yes it lightens marks..been using for a month i definitely see improvement..what i love about this its a gel base,easy to apply,wont cause any breakout,very light my cpp regimen im using keracynl cream so its already a exfoliating agent so i look for a gel based product..this product suitable all my requirements and wont even cause any dryness..i use it twice a day..i almost dont feel the application..but definitely helps!!u could probably try this for ur scars..triacneal i do not know so i cannot would be a good option to use with triacneal..cause it is not at all harsh..yes my acne is clearing,my breakouts have significantly reduced..since acne is under control, im concentrating more on cpp regimen for my scars which are also happy with the results..also i alternate kaya night cream with keracynl cream..
Diacneal triacneal are both same..yes since it has glycolic acid qnd retinaldehyde they help with scars too..
It is available at online,here are the links–acne-prone-skin.html
Hope this helps..take care!!


Hi lalitha excuse my typing mistakes,its the ipad..


Hi Lalitha, I’ve been on the look out for good substitutes for Triacneal since availability is becoming a problem. Give me a couple days.


Hey thanks tejupriya, thanks AM. will wait for your revert on this. I did buy the kaya gel but they gave me an old product at the store which was about to expire next month!! talk about customer care in India!! I usually always check the manufacturing date but just missed this one! So am returning it today & getting a new one. Will update in about 2 weeks time as i believe it might take at least that much time in showing some kind of result.

Since triacneal has effectiose which helps in calming irritated sensitive skin, i thought i would buy that. Diacneal has almost the same ingredients except the effectiose. May not make a difference but not sure.

My sking feels quite good too with Paula’s line & Sebamed foam, but still there are those 2 or 3 pimples which are always sprouting on my cheeks now. Earlier i used to suffer from Chin & around the mouth kind of acne but now they seem to only keep coming on the cheeks & chin area has completely cleared out ! SO it’s all still a mystery to me:)


lalitha its easily available, etc


Yes Lalitha, Triacneal is a modified formula to reduce possibility of irritation. If I remember correctly, it is effectiose that’s responsible for that.


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