Why not home remedies?


I have gone through most of this site but i haven’t found anything on natural home remedies for treating pimples and keeping your skin clear. Acnemantra, i would like your’ll to suggest some effective and safe home remedies as well if it’s appropriate for the skin. 🙂

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I think AM in general does not think much of home remedies, since natural products are neither targeted towards acne in the making, nor are natural products necessarily gentle on the skin just because they are natural.


I like home remedies because they can perk you up and make the skin feel refreshed. I’m not sure they’re great acne cures per se? I do a honey-lemon-curd-turmeric pack for body and face sometimes to remove tan, but I don’t have *much* of a tan.


And a tomato pack for pores, which does work temporarily though not forever.


I think, for acne, mud packs are the best packs, really. Get a nice mud pack, or ask someone you know in America to bring you some Amazonian clay. That stuff is brilliant.


Currently i do a face pack of multani mitti. It’s great too.


Hiya Girl in stilettos, when treating moderate to severe acne, it all comes down to concentration of active ingredients. Many of the home remedies do not provide enough concentration of active ingredients to curb acne effectively.


Most people land up on Acne Mantra after having tried tons of home remedies (for years sometimes) and seeing little relief. That’s because unless the acne is very very mild, things like homemade face packs and spot treatments are not enough to curb the spread of acne. I’m all for health and healthy choices, and home remedies can be used. For short term benefit, oatmeal scrub, oil-controlling clay packs, sandalwood powder, orange peel scrub etc. can be used, but do not expect it to treat any deep, underlying issues.


Also, not all home remedies are safe despite general opinion. We’ve had people who got severe acne as a result of using lemon juice, those who got breakouts from using face packs with milk, who got skin irritation from using clove oil on the face and suchlike.


I do not have a strong opinion for or against anything – I just go with whatever works in a safe way. This is the reason I try to dissuade people from relying long term on oral antibiotics and isotretinoin. Even the regimens are designed so that once the acne problem is under control, you par down to a simpler, basic regimen.


Home remedies such as face packs may be good for perking up the skin that is mostly problem-free, but for chronic acne, they are not much help. Because of fear of using ‘chemicals’ many people continue to suffer for years and that results in permanent scarring. If you already have something that works for you, like favourite face packs, by all means they should be used.


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Ya you’re right! For severe Acne it may not be the best choice. But mine are just pimples that come occasionally especially when i use wrong products with comedogenic ingredients! Hehe thanks to those tempting ads! But now going through your site has made me quite aware. And i just use some homemade face packs to maintain a glow on my face 🙂

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