Will spf moisturiser and sunscreen cancel out each other?


Hi AM,

I have clinique super defence moisturiser and fores essenial sanjeevani elixir.i would love o use both of them.but since they have spf..i should use i during the day.if i apply my regular sunscreen (ansolar,suncoe)on top of  these..will the effectiveness of sunscreen decrease?how can i apply them

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Hi Radhika,

First you need to apply sunscreen and after it has absorbed completely by your skin (may take 15-20 mins) you could apply moisturiser. Ansolar sunscreen is a comedogenic one so stick to suncote. If you find suncote to be oily & sticky a better alternative is Zoray Aquagel spf30. 🙂


Ansolar is a chemical based sunscreen and so is Clinique Super Defense. That is, they work by getting absorbed into the skin and preventing sun damage instead of reflecting sun rays like physical sunscreens that are say zinc oxide based. Since their SPF is more or less the same, 30 and 25, when you apply one on top of another without delay, the resulting SPF is the average, which in this case will be about 26-27.

Forest Essentials Sanjeeveini contains small amounts of sweet almond oil and jojoba oil, but they are weak sunscreens. You could just as well wait for Ansolar to absorb and dry, then apply this product on top. Both Clinique Super Defense and Forest Essentials Sanjeevini contain majorly comedogenic stuff, so if you are able to tolerate  them without breaking out, you probably don’t need Acne Mantra. 🙂


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