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Hi All @acnemantra
I was using Sunprotek Gel (SPF 30)for last one month and was liking it from the acne point of view, but not overall..It gave me a slight shiny look as i dont use any powder.These days most of the time I am staying indoors only. I felt like my face looked darker also after one hour or so. Has anybody experienced that??

I bought Zoray Aquagel 3 days back, and today is my third day using it..First day itself i fell in love with this baby :)…So far no side effects like itching and burning, but i have a few doubts regarding this Sunscreen.

1. Why is the warning “This should be used only by prescription”..Cant everybody use a sunscreen?

2. Why is it said that “Apply on the affected areas”, not all over the sun exposed areas?

3. And in the leaflet along with this, it is mentioned other tips for sunprotection ” Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with atleast SPF-15 on all exposed skin”  Is Zoray not a broad spectrum SunScreen?

I know so many of us in the community are using Zoray. Please reply my queries..


Thank You


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Hii @indurahul ! First of all, had you used the search box for searching for the info. about Zoray, you would hae got this link – .
In in, analysis of Zoray is done by AM. So, ur third query will find its answers there. Go to the link.

U use the searchbox and read the replies and u will come to know who are using it.

Companies write such statements obviously for NOT taking any risk that their product would harm anybody. I am using it since last 1 month and am so happy with it. U do not need to panic and be concerned too much.

By affected area, they meant the area which would be exposed to sunrays only. You dnt need to scrutinize its each and every word. CHILLAX!! Read the answers in the link i above gave.

Zoray is quite safe!! And now, u have it too, so just relax, dont get concrened too much. Be happy with zoray.


I`m running out of sunscreens – need to check this one out. I wish these would be easily available like the crappy comedogenic sunscreens. My mom and dad thinks I go to too much trouble to locate noncomedogenic products. They`ll never understand my plight lol XD XD


@nerd , after reading that page and your reviews only i was tempted to buy that.

I asked the third question only because of the description given in the leaflet..@keepcalmandcureacne, i doubt whether it is easily available. I had to ask 3-4 stores before i get it from a bigger store.

Anyway i like it better than sunprotek.


Ok, indurahul then. As u must have seen in the link only, AM has told that Zoray gives full spectrum protection by Covering UVA1, UVA2, UVB RAYS-all. So, there should not be any doubt with it. 🙂 Keep enjoying Zoray. 🙂


@nerd , @acnemantra..

This is just an update for this query, I thought of posting this as a new one, but ..:

I started not liking Zoray after using it for more than one week. Everything was going well and suddenly i saw these small red bumps in my cheeks. I doubted it is because zoray is not working for my sensitive skin and i bought La Shield SPF 40 (the man at the medical store said there is only spf 40 version, no spf 30..???). The cream was above 700 rs. When i opened it, the cream came out in separated form which left a greasy finish. So I kept the tube in the refrigerator and next morning it looked good. It failed to give a matte finish though. But as you see the cream is loaded with loads of silicones.

The SPF 40 version has 2 more ingredients in it. I have posted the pics here. Please include it in the review page also.

I remember @acnemantra comments about ansolar loaded with Silicones. Is it the same case?Please share your views.

I used it for 3 days, My irritation continued and got one new acne in my forhead where i never get… :Cry 🙁

Finally I took back my discarded Sunprotek Gel and started using it from yesterday. Just one hour after the application there was no redness at all.  Me :Happy…:)

I am scared to touch La Shiled and Zoray again





This is wonderful feedback Indu @indurahul, coming straight from a sensitive skin user. Yes, developing sensitivity to sunscreen ingredients is common in sensitive skin folk. But it’s nice you didn’t give up and tried variations of sunscreens.


Yes, even if a product is non-comedogenic, there are other factors that can make it suitable or unsuitable. For me, the smell of a product can totally kill it. I get headaches if a product has a strong smell. I’ve heard Sunprotek has it, so I guess it won’t be possible for me to use it. 🙁


It would be so good if you post your experience in the review pages for La Shield, Zoray and Sunprotek SPF 50.That way all of your words will be there for everyone to see unlike this thread which will be sinking down into the archives quickly. 🙂 I’ve modified the Zoray information, thanks for that too. Zoray La Shield seems to have changed the formula a bit and upped the SPF.


By the way, there’s also Spectraban Sensitive which by all accounts looks non-comedogenic.


@acnemantra, it is La Shield  not zoray changed their formula and upped their SPF to 40.

Yes i will write my review. Thank God i dont have sensitive nose also.. 🙂

I have asked this question before, but you might have missed out..:(

Is Bioderma sunscreens okey for sensitive skin?


Yes, yes, you’re right. That was a typo. Today my typing speed is exceeding the speed of my thoughts, phew! 🙂 Bioderma sunscreens are getting a lot of love from the community lately. Simply put in Bioderma sunscreen in the search box and you will see, mostly Lalitha’s and Anuja’s raves about it. Neither of them have sensitive skin though. I also use Bioderma Photoderm SPOT, but again, my skin is like steel, does not get irritated. My eyes are another matter.


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