Now Open – Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!

While the community area is great to discuss concepts and regimens, we’ve all long needed a place where one could see everything about a single product. In the community area, threads about single products get buried after a few postings. Not any more.

We present to you the Reviews Section.


We were waiting for a professional software version to release in order to do the Reviews Section. That hasn’t happened in months. So we decided to code all the software ourselves.

It has taken a few weeks of 16 hour days of working and coding and formatting to get this done but I’m glad we have it now.

Test Product   Acne Mantra

More power to you

While you can read reviews of many products elsewhere on the Internet, it is especially difficult to figure out how they fare on acne prone skin.

Many product reviews are posted by people who are not acne-prone and everything just works for them. It is not so easy for acne prone folk.

That is why this Reviews Section is special.

Before buying any new product, come here and check how it has worked on guys and girls just like you. It will save you money, pimples and scars.

You can add reviews of products you have used too. Why should you add your reviews? Your voice matters, that’s why. It also gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping others make good choices.

If a product works for you, let everyone know. If it doesn’t, let everyone know that too. Others will do the same. The more reviews you share of your own, the more others will do the same.

We will be adding hundreds of products as we go along. Basically if a product has any relevance to acne prone skin at all, you should see it here.


We made an effort to keep it simple while still having all the features we all need to benefit from something like this.

APST information is in-built, so you will know where the reviewer is coming from in their review. Each product is already run through Skingredients to mark ingredients that are comedogenic.

We also took community suggestions into account. For example, Akshay’s (@akshaykshardul) suggestion about being able to get a roundup of all the reviews of a product at a glance. We thought the best way to  implement that would be pictorially since a picture is worth a thousand words.

These are the current product categories.


New features

In the coming weeks and months, we will be adding more features to this already feature-packed section.

That will include highest rated products, search and filter reviews, a reviews tab in your profile, marking a review helpful or not, uploading your own photos, marking a product discontinued and then some.


Suggestions are always welcome and highly encouraged. If you spot any software bugs, have a suggestion or would like to post a review of a product that you don’t see in the list just post a public message to my profile or leave a comment below.

What now?

The Reviews Section is open now, so head over there, have a look-see, maybe post reviews or ask for new products to be added. The party is just getting started. We will be adding many many new products in the coming days.


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